• Assorted appetizer for you

      Assorted appetizer for you

      1,500 yen

      First of all, please have an appetizer ♪ By purchasing the day, what will be served, enjoy ♪

  • 【Small dish dish】

    • Crude fresh fish today

      850 yen

      Homemade sauce of fresh fish in season purchased from the market!

    • White lever maple putty

      680 yen

      A rich creamy putty boasting of the chef.A lot of repeaters!

    • Potassala of Kitacha

      600 yen

      Kishiya Original Potato Sara! The most popular of pepper, tuna and olive Potassala

    • Steamed Chicken and Kale's Cole Slaw

      600 yen

      Soy sauce and kale are super food!

    • White mackerel of mackerel cream cheese

      500 yen

      It goes surprisingly! It is with sake and wine!

    • Oriental potato fly

      650 yen

      Kiciya classic! Taste disappears!

    • Sheep's Chilean beans

      800 yen

      The taste of spices and sheep is outstanding.Put on nachos and bucket!

    • Cheese omelette

      650 yen

      Fluffy Troll cheese! Strongest snack

    • Random appetizer Sheng

      980 yen ~

      3 types 980 yen 6 species 1800 yen

  • 【Meat dish (It depends on the day)】

    • Jerk pork roast and baked apples

      1800 yen

      Roasted pork with burning-out flavor and baked apple! Very fit! Delicious!

    • Roasted lamb meat Couscous of rice and Jambalaya

      Roasted lamb meat Couscous of rice and Jambalaya

      1900 yen

      Simply cooked lamb meat and spicy jambalaya with you!

    • Braised beef tippa and chickpea white wine

      Braised beef tippa and chickpea white wine

  • 【Freshfish (It depends on the day)】

    • 【pasta】

      • Arrio Orio Peperoncino

        980 yen
      • Rich carbonara

        1300 yen
      • Penne arrabiata

        1080 yen
      • Today's pasta

        1080 yen -